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Refractory Construction Services

Refractory Construction Services

We Offers Premium Refractory Construntion Services Than Includes :

Furnaces :
We are specialist for any types of refractory lining for :-
Re heating furnace, Rotary hearth furnaces, walking beam furnaces, Walking hearth furnaces, Roller hearth furnaces, Annealing furnaces, Bogie hearth furnace furnaces, pusher type reheating furnaces, Bell & base furnaces and Melting furnaces.

Kilns :
Are offers for refractory for Rotary kilns, shuttle kilns and Tunnel kilns.

Boilers :
We are offering the services for any types of Indian, Chinese and any other foreign design boilers refractory lining.

Coke Oven :
Recovery coke oven and non recovery coke oven refractory lining.

Alluminium Industrial Furnaces :
Alluminium melting furnaces, Alluminium holding furnaces and backing anode furnaces refractory lining.

Thermal Insulation Lining :
Pipe line insulation lining and sheet cladding, Ceramic fiber lining and Ceramic Module lining for any type of furnaces, Boilers, coke oven, Blast furnaces, stoves and reformers.

Calcutta furnace offers qualified and industry experienced Refractory Supervisors, Forepersons, Refractory masns, Gunning Crews, and Carpenters who can execute any type of refractory construction.

We also execute regularly scheduled maintenance job and any type of time bounded prestigious job.

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